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Caloundra House - Supported living facility

Caloundra House is a part of the Supported Living Group.

Supported living strives to build communities for those living with mental and accompanying physical illnesses. Our team works hard to improve the livelihood and circumstances of those facing disadvantage by providing suitable, affordable accommodation and support services.

Supported Living was formally founded in 2020, but it originates in 2012, when our founders began management of Clayfield House. They set out to modernise the house and the care provided within, with the purpose of enhancing the lives of its residents. Since then, we have continued to provide support through Greenslopes and Caloundra House.




Caloundra House has a rich history before it became the home of our residents today.

It was owned by the church for many years, providing support to the community by being a nursing and elderly care home. Unfortunately, it had to close its doors as it became unable to continue.

Supported Living Group overtook ownership in 2019, enacting extensive renovations. This created a safe and dynamic space appropriate for providing care and building a welcoming community. In December of 2019 Caloundra House had its official opening and began taking in residents. Ever since, the House has enabled those facing mental illness to live with dignity and find their independence, while receiving the support they need.

History of Caloundra House



Opened as a nursing home by the Uniting Church



Acquired by Caloundra Catholic Homes Foundation, a not for profit group set up to affordable aged care and living to members of the local parish, Renamed Karingal Place. Its primary purpose was to provide care for the elderly and financially disadvantaged aged persons. It was an unfunded, thirty-five bed residential service owned and operated by Caloundra Catholic Community Homes Limited (now Caloundra Catholic Homes Foundation Limited)



Two additional buildings were added on the southern side of the site



Service closed in February 2012 due to increasing costs, higher level of service required for residents and no government funding



Karingal Place was closed, and the facility was decommissioned. A separate company, Caloundra Catholic Foundation Limited, was set up to gather financial support through donations from parishioners and public.



Acquired by the Supported Living Group who undertook extensive renovations



Caloundra House is opened in December and received its first residents