Schizophrenia Support Services

We are specialists in providing welcoming communities and offering high quality services for those living with mental illness.

Schizophrenia is a difficult disorder to live with. It can often be accompanied by unwanted stigma and judgement. Finding the right community which accepts you for who you are is an important step in the process of living with a mental illness. But finding one with suitable support services can be even more difficult.

We understand that a diagnosis like this can affect your life in numerous ways

At Caloundra House, we provide the services you need to live as independently as possible while receiving the care you need. Our schizophrenia support services help to build your strength, support your endeavours and manage your symptoms. We want to help you learn about the nature of your illness and use this to assist you in living the most fulfilled life possible. At Caloundra House, we work with our residents, to develop them to reach their full potential.

Our supported living accommodation is a judgement free zone. We work with your network of family and friends to provide the support you need to overcome preconceived ideas about your personal potential. Regardless of the severity of your diagnosis of schizophrenia, we can provide appropriate support services through working with those closest to you, as well as our health and support workers.

It is a myth that someone with schizophrenia cannot live a full life.

We tackle this head on, providing you with the tools and support, while working with your treating team, so that you can live a live a life of happiness, not shrouded in illness. As well as schizophrenia support services, our accommodation will assist you with medication management, provide safe and clean living and introduce you to a community of caring and supporting residents and staff. We encourage our residents to participate and stay involved in things they enjoy in the community, so as to not lose their independence or interests.

We are specialists in providing welcoming communities and offering high quality services for those living with mental illness. When living with our other residents you will develop relationships with people who are just like you. You will feel safe and secure, as well as understood. At Caloundra House, we help to facilitate appropriate schizophrenia support services for all residents.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can meet your or a loved one’s schizophrenia support needs.


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