Assisted Living Facility

On the Sunshine Coast

We provide an assisted living facility for those facing difficulty on the Sunshine Coast, through our house at Caloundra.


A place to call home is one of the most important aspects to support someone living with a mental illness. However, it is often assumed care or aged homes are the only options. Not everyone who requires regular care necessarily needs to move into one of these homes. There are many other in-between options for assisted living facilities, delivering a community and nurturing environment where you can still live independently but access support when necessary.

Caloundra House delivers assisted living, providing care, through a combination of housing, personal maintenance services and physical and mental health care.

Our services are designed to support individuals who need assistance in a way that also promotes maximum independence. Our encouraging community gives you the freedom to continue to do the things you love, like take a walk along King’s Beach, which is only minutes away from Caloundra House. Our flexibility allows us to easily accommodate changes to your circumstances and needs. Assisted living also maximises residents’ dignity, privacy, independence, as well as the ability to allow you to make choices about your own life. 

Our Caloundra assisted living facility provides home cooked meals three times a day, assistance with medication and access to a wide range of health and care service while still allowing you your own private living space to enjoy. The house also provides social interaction. Isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to someone with a mental illness. At Caloundra House you will be initiated into a community of support, care and socialisation, helping you live a well-rounded life. 

We have new dedicated rooms, with an ocean view or even a private garden. In partnership with Supported Care, we can bring you our dedicated short term (STA), medium term (MTA) or longer-term accommodation. 

We work closely with Queensland Health, various health professionals, NDIS registered service providers and other allied health providers to ensure your comfort, safety and health. Collaboration with these services and providers allows us to present the best assisted living facility we can, and work to the highest standard. Caloundra House is a leading assisted living provider on the Sunshine Coast, providing a facility catering to all needs and wants of our potential residents. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can meet your or a loved one’s assisted living needs.

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