Group Home

We are a Level III Residential Service regulated by the Department of Housing and Public Works.

We offer many services similar to group homes. We are a private, assisted living facility where residents can receive support for their life challenges. Caloundra House offers private rooms, home-cooked meals, facilitation of medical appointments and medication management as well as other care and physical services. We work closely with Queensland Health, health professionals, NDIS registered service providers and other allied health providers so you can receive the highest quality of care.

One thing many people search for within a good group home is a safe, hospitable environment.

We aim to meet these needs by creating a safe, caring environment for our residents. We offer clean and affordable accommodation, with healthy nutritious meals, a welcoming community and expansive gardens, creating a homely environment. Having a home base, and one that is nurturing is important for someone living with a mental illness. At Caloundra House, our friendly staff work hard to make you feel accepted and secure.

If you or a loved one are looking at living in a group home, instead get into contact with us, and see how our Level III Residential Service can help you and your needs.